EP. 05 – Writing the rough draft of village history

When it comes to Oak Park, Dan Haley has pretty much seen it all. As the
editor and publisher of Wednesday Journal, the Oak Park native has
watched up close the dramatic evolution of our village during the past
half century. He’s also chronicled these changes in his local
newspaper of record.

Haley’s the first to admit that it hasn’t always been easy. First, the
newspaper business requires a strong stomach — even under
the best of circumstances.  And from the beginning, his paper’s pages
also never shied away tough, important issues like race that usually
go uncovered by community press. He’s had his detractors over the
years, and the scars to prove it.

Today, he continues to relish the role of provocateur in chief on
downtown development and any number of any number of local hot button
issues. I recently sat down with Haley in his office to discuss, among
other things, why he thinks “Oak Park needs to change more, not less.”
I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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