Ep. 02 – Trustee Andrea Button Ott talks taxes, parking and OPRF pool

What it takes to raise a family in Oak Park has changed considerably in the past 15 years. According to the recent annual Intergovernmental Assembly report, the median household income in Oak Park in 2000 was $82,000. Today, Census data shows that it’s about $79,000. Meanwhile, big ticket household outlays like healthcare and higher education have far outpaced inflation during the same time period. The homeownership rate in Oak Park, too, has increased since 2000. And everyone knows that owning a home – especially when it’s 100 years old — is cheaper than renting, right?

Enter Andrea Button Ott.

When she was named village trustee in 2014, Button Ott was considered a bridge to the future in Oak Park. A thirtysomething attorney with a young family, she was re-elected to a full four year term in 2015. Now settled into the job, she’s championing issues like economic development, lower taxes and sustainability that stand to affect the community for years to come.

I recently sat down with her in the West Loop to chat about these topics and more. I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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