Ep. 01 – When Generation Meh comes to town

Chicago’s a flat place. This figures since it was settled primarily in and around an area that was once underwater or clear cut by a glacier. In fact, the highest point in Cook County today is more than an hour’s drive northwest from downtown. That’s not counting skyscrapers or landfills, of course.

Unofficially, one of the Chicago area’s highest peaks sits a bit closer to the Loop in the village of Oak Park. A towering 600 feet above sea level, the high point near the intersection of North and Ridgeland holds an even more important geological distinction: it sits atop the Continental Divide.

This is just one of the interesting facts I read in David Sokol’s well-researched book, “Oak Park: The Evolution of a Village.” I recently sat down with Sokol to discuss Oak Park’s past, present and — most importantly– its future. With a new generation settling in, the village is changing rapidly, and we discuss how and why.

I hope you enjoy the show.

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